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Why indie developers should support Mac

Some people have been asking me: "Why do you guys care about Mac gaming so much? " Well, I must say there are numerous reasons why we love to support Mac.

Firstly, Mac users crave indie games. It's like indie games are the butter to Mac's bread. The reason for this, is because AAA companies don't give the Mac as much love as it requires. AAA companies are more interested in game consoles and windows.

As an indie game company owner and Mac user, I'll can assure that the Mac needs just as much love as the consoles, which is why Gribble Games is a proud supporter of the Mac as a gaming platform.

The problem with consoles and windows is that it's just to cluttered for a small indie game company to make a big splash. However, things are different on the Mac. Because no AAA companies are targeting it, you cantap into a desperate and "tight" community which is looking for games to play.

I use the word "tight" to describe the Mac community because, after all, the Mac community is small. And just like a group of close friends, they share with one another the software and games that they enjoy.

I can't guarantee that if you support Mac you're sales will go through the roof, but I can that you're game will get noticed by them.  And for indie developers, getting the word out there is 90% percent of the struggle.


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